Our Take On Style

20 Makeovers For 20 Years

It’s official! We’ve been in business for 20 years and what a ride it’s been. Our official anniversary date is May 5 and we’re planning some BIG things to celebrate! We’re giving away 20 makeovers completely free to 20 deserving individuals in our communities—and we’re taking nominations now! And, if that’s not enough, we’ll be offering…

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Hair Color Trends We’re Obsessed With

Peekaboo Highlights featured

From pops of peekaboo pastel to beautiful contouring color, hair color is having a moment. And at Indira Salon Spa we couldn’t be happier, because there’s nothing we love more than self-expression—and today’s color trends are the ultimate creative outlet.

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Invati Advanced Delivers Even Thicker, Fuller Hair

Invati Advanced Model

At Indira Salon Spa when it comes to thicker, fuller hair, we’re trading resolutions for results. Enter: Aveda’s new Invati Advanced. Invati, which means “invigorate” in Sanskrit, taps into the ancient Indian art of renewal to leave hair looking and feeling thicker all day.

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The Holiday Guide To the Perfect Aveda Gift

Aveda Gifts

Tis the season for finding the perfect gifts for friends, family and the neighbor who takes in your mail. It’s also a good time to suss out time-saving, style-enhancing goodies that help you keep your own look on point while rushing around from morning til night.

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Quickie Ways to Step Up Your Hair Game


Beauty goals and convenience don’t always go hand-in-hand, but there are times when getting your hair just right can happen in one step. We’ve put together our must-haves for those times when you’ve got to elevate your look and you’ve got to do it NOW.

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Beauty Trends We’re Loving for Fall

aveda collection

With every new season comes new beauty trends, and sometimes, integrating them into your everyday style can prove difficult. Don’t get us wrong, we love runway beauty—but pulling off those ultra high-fashion looks in real life just isn’t achievable for most of us. So, to help you make the seamless transition this season, we’ve put together a list of looks you’ll actually want to wear.

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What You Probably Don’t Know About Exfoliation


We all want a glowing complexion and reduced fine lines. Exfoliation might just be your answer to achieve both coveted results at once. It also maximizes your results with other products in your skin care regimen by eliminating absorbency barriers. Ready for people to ask you how you have such brilliant-looking skin? Read on!

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