Halo Salt & Infrared Therapy Sauna

We’re excited to offer this holistic, natural therapy as a path to improved health and wellness for our guests.

What it is: Halotherapy is also known as dry salt therapy. Dry, pure-grade sodium chloride is ground into tiny microparticles in a special machine called the Halogenerator. These microparticles are then released into a salt detox suite. 

How it works: While you’re relaxing in the detox suite, you inhale the salt particles, penetrating deep into the lungs, bronchi, bronchioles, alveoli, and into the deeper layers of your skin.

Benefits: Halotherapy promotes better breathing, healthier skin, sound sleep, improved fitness and general wellness.


Halotherapy (20min) $25
Relax as you inhale and absorb salt particles that penetrate deep into your lungs and skin. This drug-free, holistic treatment promotes better breathing, healthier skin, sound sleep, improved physical fitness and overall wellness.

Heated Halotherapy (30min) $35
Enhance your halotherapy session with gradual warming from the infrared sauna. You’ll leave feeling warm and relaxed with clear breathing and healthier skin.

Halotherapy & Infrared Sauna Combo (40min) $50
Sweat out your toxins with halotherapy enhanced by the infrared sauna, reaching temperatures of 115-120 degrees.

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Please note timing includes warm-up time.
Available at our Southport location only.