Quick, Purse-Worthy Ways To Chill Out

Cool Off this Summer with Indira Salon Chicago

A no-fuss topknot. Breezy cotton sundresses. An inflatable backyard pool and a margarita. When it comes to beating the heat, everyone has a tactic of choice—and we here at Indira Salon are no exception. Having endured many humid Chicago summers, we like to think we’ve elevated staying cool to an art form. We’ve also developed a major fixation on Aveda products that feature cooling herbs and ingredients. Think of them as your own personal, purse-sized AC units.

The Magic of Menthol

Aveda Cooling Concentrate at  Indira Salon Chicago

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As cooling ingredients go, naturally-derived menthol and organic peppermint are pretty amazing. And when this icy blend is paired with soothing blue chamomile, as in Aveda’s Cooling Balancing Oil, the result is a powerful ally in your fight against sticky, sweaty weather. Massage Cooling Oil onto your wrists and inhale the minty, invigorating scent, or add a few drops to an iced-down foot bath. (Pro tip: For an extra chill factor, store your Cooling Oil Roller Ball in the fridge.)

Peppermint Power

Aveda Peppymint Breath Refresher at  Indira Salon Chicago

Source: Aveda

You know how your mouth feels colder after eating a peppermint? There’s a neat biological trick responsible for that. The menthol in peppermint activates the same nerve receptor that’s responsible for sensing cold—so your brain actually perceives a chill. Try Aveda Peppymint Breath Refresher to use this hack to its full potential. It combines peppermint essential oils, anise and other natural flavors for a blast of mouth-freshening coolness. Drop some on your tongue and chase it with a glass of water for an extra arctic blast.

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According to Ayurvedic principles, licorice root is a cooling herb. And if you’ve ever been greeted with a hot cup of tea at an Aveda salon, you already know how comforting the blend of organic licorice root, peppermint leaf, sweet fennel and basil can be. But did you know it’s also delicious served over ice? To really bring out the notes of peppermint in Aveda tea, brew it at double strength before serving cold.

Cooling Rosemary Mint Bath Bar at Indira Salon Chicago

Source: Aveda

The Rosemary Mint line is a longtime favorite of Aveda customers—and for good reason. Each hard-milled bar contains organic rosemary and peppermint leaf powders to gently exfoliate skin while offering an olfactory blast of zingy freshness. A rosemary and mint-laced shower is the best way to refresh yourself after a sweaty workout…even if that workout consisted solely of chasing an ice cream truck down the block.


Eucalyptus Oil at Indira Salon Chicago

Source: Aveda

Indigenous to Australia, eucalyptus oil promotes decongestion and a good night’s sleep. The grounding aroma has undertones of menthol (so it layers well with peppermint). Singular note-eucalyptus is especially versatile—add it to a bath, drop it into massage oil to reinvigorate tired muscles, or wear it by itself as a unique perfume that’s refreshing without being cloying.

There you have it—a few of our favorite ways to cool off, herbal-style. If you want to try a few for yourself, drop by Indira Salon to test a few. We’d be happy to help—and share our AC for as long as you need.