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There are so many options today when researching how you want to update your haircolor for the season (whatever season that might be). Pinterest, obviously being one of the most popular, as well as any of the major fashion magazines now have online inspiration pages. Also, any home beauty aficionado can start up a shutterstock or Instagram blog and post their ideas about what to do with your hair. You see major beauty transformations; black hair to silvery platinum, fantasy colors shimmering like gemstones all ladies smiling at their super on-trend hairstyle. What they don’t tell you is what it takes to achieve such awesome hair makeovers, the after-care maintenance and long term effects (if any) on the health of your hair.

First things first, have an honest conversation with yourself about your own hair. Have you been playing it fast and loose with the at-home-haircolor? Have budgetary concerns made it necessary for you to visit a valued oriented salon where they might not have the best product or advanced education to keep your hair at its healthiest? Do you have super long, thick, coarse or curly hair? All of these things will factor into the change you are want to make. They don’t necessarily mean you can’t or won’t be able to achieve the look you decide upon, but they are going to affect the price and the amount of time you spend in the salon to achieve your desired results. Does it take 2 ponytail holders to keep your hair up? You know you have extra thick hair. Please tell them over the phone. Don’t make it a surprise for your stylist, because that will affect the outcome. If that means you can’t book an appointment for a couple weeks, then be okay with that. There is a reason your hair might need extra time and you want the stylist to be set up for success. Trust me, a stylist who is prepared and at ease, will deliver a better service for you.

Secondly, have an open mind. Words like “ombre”, “tipping”, “balayage”, “color melt” are pretty worthless unless the stylist knows how to use them and knows the difference between them. If you have been burned in the past, received a bad color from a stylist you thought you could trust. Seek out recommendations and schedule a consultation first. Don’t bring an entire file folder of pictures, that ultimately contradict each other. Bring 2 pictures, one that is the ultimate prize and the other one is 2nd place. Let the stylist pick the one that would work best with the texture, type and density of your hair and the one that works with your budget. Always listen to the stylist when they talk not only about the initial cost of the service but what they recommend for after-care. Are you going to get the tips of your hair a flaming purple or red? Those types of colors fade quickly and need extra maintenance to keep them looking their best. If you like your hair to remain the ashiest of blondes, then listen to the stylist recommendation that you need the glossing treatment today and to take home the special shampoo and conditioner.

Most stylists want you to look your best as you are a walking advertisement for our services and our brand. As the famous Vidal Sassoon said “if you don’t look good, we don’t look good”. Look for a stylist that will take time to listen to you about what you want and provide feedback on the reality of achieving the results. There is nothing worse than hearing “that’s what you told me you wanted” when your hair does not turn out as you hoped. So please listen to the recommendations of your stylist when they quote you a price and the time for what it will take to change your hair today or if they tell you want you are asking for isn’t achievable. We are thinking with your hair health in mind.

Kacy Levy is Master Level Stylist, AVEDA Color Master and Creative Director at INDIRA Salons Spa

On the fence about what you want to do? At Indira, we always encourage that you come in to any of our Green Bay or Chicago salon locations to speak to a colorist. We have some of the best hair stylists in some of the best salons in Chicago and Green Bay who would love to meet you and talk about your hair.